Wedding Block

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The Perfect Wedding Gift and Keepsake! This personalized wedding block is made from solid wood and is engraved to celebrate the details of a wedding. Each block is handmade with perfection and is guaranteed to be the best quality and longest lasting keepsake. 

All six sides are engraved to include the Bride and Groom’s Names, Ceremony Date, Time & Location. You are also able to choose the photos on the top and side (see product images at top left) as well as include a personal note, quote or inspiration!

Create your one-of-a-kind original personalized wedding announcement gift and work of art that will be a cherished keepsake forever!

Wedding Shower Gift
Wedding Gift
Wedding Announcement
With a Gift Card or Money
Wedding Anniversary Gift
Wedding Keepsake for Yourself
Can be made into a Photo Holder or Christmas Ornament

This is a perfect keepsake for an amazing wedding memory! Everyone absolutely loves their block and is instantly touched by its sentimental value from the gift giver!